About The Jamesburg High School Alumni Association

      For 73 years, Jamesburg High School proudly served the educational needs of thousands of high school students. Now that our Alma Mater is closed, and realizing that it is getting harder and harder to preserve its proud history and to keep track of JHS alumni, a group of interested alumni came together and formed the Jamesburg High School Alumni Association. The Jamesburg High School Alumni Association officially came into being on September 14, 2000 and was incorporated as a New Jersey not-for-profit corporation on January 12, 2004. Membership is open to former students, graduates, faculty members, administration and support staff members.
      If you are interested in joining the Jamesburg High School Alumni Association, you may contact our President, Janet Donnelly '65 at JDonnellyRNNaet@aol.com or write the Association at:

Jamesburg High School Alumni Association
c/o Auto King Parts
67 East Railroad Avenue
Jamesburg, NJ 08831-1461

      The Jamesburg High School Alumni Association meets at 7PM on the second Thursday of each month.

      Please check the JHSAA HOME PAGE for times and location of our meetings as we work around the abrupt closing of the Lakeview House for renovations two years ago. The Lakeview House has always been our preferred meeting location, but most often we have been meeting upstairs at Auto King, 67 East Railroad Avenue.

      Jamesburg High alumni donated nearly $15,000. to restore a room at the Lakeview House as a repository for Jamesburg High School's history and heritage. Within weeks of dedicating the room, the Borough Council abruptly closed the entire building. We were forced to remove all memorabilia to storage as we wait for a time frame for completing the renovation. To date no physical work has been done, save a temporary support wall placed through the middle of our just completed room. The Boro claims it will bring the condition at least back to where our donated funds had renewed the room. We of course are most thankful for all the donated funds from alumni. The fundraising had such an enthusiastic response; it makes us all sad to be caught up in petty politics.

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